Next CreArt activities

CreArt is the only multi-annual cultural project, devoted to visual arts with Spanish coordination, selected among the 500 applications received in the last Open Call of Creative Europe Program under European Commission

CreArt starts the second stage 2017-2021, with new activities that will be developed in the following months in the different cities of this european network

 CreArt, starts the second stage of the project, with a new partnership leaded by the Valladolid City Council, and the new program of activities and open calls planned for 2017 and beginning of 2018: Artists in Residence Programs in LAVA (Laboratorio de las Artes de Valladolid, Spain), in Atelierhaus Salzamt in Linz (Austria) or the Centre Ars Mundus - Artkomas in Kaunas (Lithuania); we are also working in the organization of the CreArt European Exhibition 2018 “Six Memos”, that in this occasion will be curated by the Croatian curator Branka Bencic, and that will be presented along 2018 in Valladolid (Spain) Liverpool (UK), and Lublin (Poland). Furthermore, there will be organized an artist workshop in Lublin (Poland) at the end of this year, a seminar for curators in Aveiro in March, a conference on cultural management in Liverpool in October and two Encounterts in Rouen (France) and Aveiro; and finally at local level the CreArt cities will develop other initiatives like the dual exhibitions in Rouen, Katowice (Poland) and Valladolid (Spain), and all the events included in the European Day of Artistic Creativity… In addition, CreArt has launched a new website in which you can see details of these activities, and the first news of the project.

 CreArt is the only multi-year project lead by a Spanish partner, devoted to visual arts, selected in the last call for the European Creative Program, to continue its program of activities between 2017-2021 and with a budget of € 3,096,148 (of which the European Commission will finance € 1,548,074), the other 50% of the budget will be provided by the 12 partners in four years. The European Commission appreciated positively the quality of the new partnership, made up of 12 medium-sized cities from 9 countries spread throughout Europe - Valladolid - ES, Genoa and Lecce - Italy - IT, Liverpool - UK, Clermont - Ferrand and Rouen - FR, Zagreb - HR, Kaunas -LT, Lublin and Katowice -PL, Aveiro - PT, Skopje - MK) - with extensive experience in coordinating cultural programs in the field of contemporary art; its program of training, exchange and promotion activities covering a wide range of visual arts; and the continuation of a complete communication strategy.


In November Valladolid will open a new CreArt Artist Residence in the LAVA. Laboratorio de las Artes, for three CreArt artists and two artists from Valladolid. During these months each city CreArt will open a local call for the preselection of artists, who will participate in the next European Exhibition CreArt 2018 "Six Memos" curated by Croatian Branka Brencic. Afterwards the European Commissioner will be in charge of select the final shortlist of artists and proposals to be presented in the European Exhibition in Valladolid, Liverpool and Lublin. In December we will have a new CreArt Artist Residence in the Atelierhaus Salzamt center in Linz, Austria. In the end of this year the city of Lublin in Poland will host a workshop for artists. An edition of the CreArt artists' residence at Artkomas Ars Mundus Center, funded by the Kaunas City Council, Lithuania, will take place in March 2018. On March 21 the 6th edition of the European Day of Creativity will take place with creative and artistic projects in all cities of the network

During 2018 we will also organize a seminar of curators in Aveiro in March, a conference for cultural managers in Liverpool in October and two Encounters in Aveiro and Rouen; and finally at the local level, other initiatives such as the dual exhibitions in Rouen (France), Katowice (Poland) and Valladolid)

All these calls will be published in the next few months in our website. To keep up with all the news, we recommend you sign up for our monthly newsletter:




DURATION June 2017- May 2021

BUDGET 3.096.148  €  UE Grant: 1.548.074 €


COORDINATOR Fundación Municipal de Cultura. Ayuntamiento de Valladolid (España)


1.            Comune di Genova (Municipality of Genova) (Genova –IT)

2.            Hrvatsko Drustvo Likovnih Umjetnika (Croatian Association of Artists) (Zagreb – HR)

3.            Mairie Clermont Ferrand (Municipality of Clermont – Ferrand) (Clermont-Ferrand – FR)

4.            Katowice – Miasto Na Prawach Powiatu (Municipality of Katowice) (Katowice-PL)

5.            Ville de Rouen (Municipality of Rouen) (Rouen-FR)

6.            Gmina Lublin (Municipality of Lublin) (Lublin-PL)

7.            City of Skopje (Municipality of Skopje) (Skopje-MK)

8.            Città di Lecce – Comune di Lecce (Municipality of Lecce) (Lecce-IT)

9.            Liverpool City Council (Liverpool – UK)

10.          Vsl Artkomas (Kaunas – LT)

11.          Camara Municipal de Aveiro (Aveiro –PT)



1. To continue with the permanent and professional system for transnational mobility, cultural exchange and joint work experiences among the different players in the creative and cultural sector.

2. To develop more training opportunities for cultural agents: Artist in residence programs, workshops, seminars, conferences, encounters.

3. Introduction of work methodologies for specific groups (children, youth and adults) that will promote creativity as a skill for personal development through educational programmes.

4. To take advantage of technological tools for the communication, dissemination, exchange of creativity and cultural management ideas through the CreArt website and the platform of ideas and projects.

5. To enhance audience development through the institutionalization in different cities of the European Day of Artistic Creativity and the European travelling Exhibitions.

6. To identify and research, within the framework of conferences, seminars and encounters, the best practices in culture-led development

7. To help develop a social status for artists based on the Proposal Resolution of the European Parliament (2006/2249)

8. To enhance the creation and dissemination of the cultural offer in the cities of the Network

9. To encourage the development and modernization of Visual Arts sector and cultural industries, helping to consolidate the creative sector at local and European level.

10. To help improve the education and training of the workers and entrepreneurs in the Cultural and creative sectors.